Wednesday, March 1, 2017


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We Are One - Catholic Schools Week Art Project 2017 

csw art 2.jpgThis Artwork was created for you, the ASA community, by the students of ASA! Because we believe at All Saints Academy that we are one we spent time working to create an art project to link our 4 parishes and 2 school campuses during Catholic Schools Week 2017. Each student, preschool-8th grade, got the opportunity to color a cross. Those crosses were assembled into the 6 larger crosses, pictured above. csw plan.jpg

You may know that this year will mark the 8th grade graduation of ASA’s first kindergarten class. As we mark this special occasion with this special class and begin looking to our school’s 10 year birthday celebration next school year, we want to thank you for the commitment you have made and continue to make to Catholic Education, and especially to our school!  

All Saints Academy is a unique school with a unique and special community! We are one community made of so many parts. Our 300 students and their families, our 2 campus and staff, and our 4 founding parishes come together with so many diverse talents and gifts to make ONE very special school. Each cross created by one of our students symbolizes all of those unique individual stories coming together. Each larger cross symbolizes those various community stories coming together to build ASA. As a set, all 6 of the crosses tell the story of our ASA community. The 2 smaller crosses will be put up on display in the hallways of our school 2 campuses. It is our hope that place can be found somewhere at St Alphonsus, Blessed Sacrament, St Isidore, and St Jude to display the other 4 crosses. We are so blessed to  have each parish as a part of our ASA community! We are one!

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