Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Early Childhood Fun at ASA 

Oh what fun we have…  The youngest eagles are a busy group of kiddos.  We love to learn and play, but most importantly, we love to have FUN!!  The toddlers and preschoolers are always doing something exciting.  We try new things, perfect skills, and celebrate just being a kid.

We learn about cool things too!  Mrs. K’s classes recently explored the 5 senses.  How many senses do you use when making popcorn?  Many of the rooms were celebrating Dr. Seuss.  Mrs. Blalock’s room all created hats that looked different than Dr. Suess.  Who wouldn’t want a tall hat with rainbows and hearts on it?  Mrs. R’s room graphed their predictions for the March weather.  Was it going to come “in like a lion” or “go out like a lamb”?  “In like a lion” won in their room.  The toddlers continue to explore in their sensory tables.  They love playing with sand, rice, water, and play dough.

Right now we are celebrating March is reading month.  We are all having a ball reading and filling in our paper balls for the wall display.  Drop everything and read was fun, but the highlight so far has been pajama day.  Who doesn’t like to come to school in their cozy pjs?  

Finally, we are experiencing Lent.  Fr. Tom Page came to our classrooms and gave all of the kiddos ashes on Ash Wednesday.  Some kids even decided to sacrifice during Lent by giving something up.  In the Atrium, we changed our liturgical colors to purple and are preparing for the great celebration of Easter.  We read the parable of the Good Shepherd.  Mrs. R’s room created shamrocks with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  They also learned a new song all about lent.        

Boy, we sure do we have “a lot of fun” at ASA!


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