Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Liturgical Music @ ASA

Liturgical Music is such an amazing aspect of All Saints Academy! 
Meeting with students preschool through grade eight to practice music for Mass encourages great musical participation at our school's weekly liturgies. From their earliest years in our building, students grow in their appreciation of song and worship!

I love to share with my musician friends how well the students lead at our liturgies. It is a part of who they are as a student congregation.  They lead through vocals and instrumentation. These students are strong and vibrant singers through eighth grade.

Our students sing a wide variety of liturgical  music. They love the traditional Lenten music of the "Agnus Dei", "Kyrie" and "Lord let me walk" as well as the most contemporary Catholic music - such as "Rock of Faith", "Soul on Fire" and  "Yes, Lord!" The teachers absolutely love listening to rehearsals on Thursdays! The joyful music fills our hallways and provides a burst of joy and sunshine in our routine! 

Our Praise Band is made up of our 7th and 8th grade volunteer musicians. This year our Praise Band is comprised of flutes, trumpets, guitar, keyboard, ukulele, violin, and drums.  (Our younger students occasionally join in with tone chimes and other percussive instruments).

Recently we have had  alumni come forward to join at our special liturgies. Our ASA students came forward to sing a couple songs at the funeral of Jon Fournier,  We had many high school students come forward  to join our current students. It was so moving to see the connection they still carry with ASA.  I had several of our alumni musicians join us for our Catholic Schools week - Pack the Pews - at St Alphonsus. I didn't even ask them to particpate - they contacted me!!

These students continue to serve our parishes with their musical talents, which were nurtured at All Saints Academy.  We are truly blessed as a community with the talents and energy of all our students at ASA! 

Our students are so comfortable using their musical talents to serve our community that we have had middle school students recently begin volunteering to cantor and also lead by playing the piano at Mass! Many of the parents and other community members, who join us for school Masses, comment on how well our students know the songs we use for our liturgies and the passionate ways they participate when some of our ASA favorites are used for worship! 

- Mrs. Vonnie Clark 

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