Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kindergarten @ ASA 

Did you know at ASA Kindergarten we:

  • Experience God’s creation and enrich our science skills through several outdoor learning days, as well as trips to the apple orchard and John Ball Zoo.
  • Celebrate what we are learning in math, like skip counting and number order on our special 100 Day! Students really get excited about the 100th day of school because of all the fun activities planned such as, decorating capes with 100 objects to wear like “Zero the Hero” and having a pizza party with pizzas shaped like the number 100!
  • Grow our faith by attending weekly Mass, weekly visits to the Atrium, and singing in the choir. 
  • Differentiate learning with reading and math groups so students flourish at their own level and pace. Students engage in work with letter and sound recognition, word families and early reading in the area of Language Arts. They work with number recognition, number order and even basic addition and subtraction word problems in the area of Math. The groups allow the students to receive extra support and enrichment as needed.

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