Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Faith, Learning. Loving. Serving

A Year of Living Core Values Daily @ ASA Middle School

Faith - Each school day start with a quick prayer together in the gym. Each class also has its own special prayer routines. Often students start religion class with prayer intentions at the foot of the cross. On special Fridays that prayer extends to a school rosary, a class attending the parish Mass or a class visiting the chapel for Adoration. Students at both campuses join in praying the Angelus at lunch, and both campuses end with a special community prayer at dismissal. Often it is our students who lead and even write the various prayers we say together as a school community throughout the day.

Learning - From individual seat work to cross-grade level collaboration, ASA students are constantly engaged in learning in a variety of ways. From group discussions to technology supported skills practice, we strive to provide an education that meets the needs of all our individual learners as we focus on the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social and physical development of everyone in our community. 


As a community it is important to take time to be together to celebrate our community and faith, to have fun together and build relationships outside of our classrooms. Events like family movie nights, and our various whole school events, when we gather both campuses together at our parent parishes, allow us time to strengthen the bonds of our unique community. #WeAreOne
There are also numerous times within each school day that provide opportunities for character development and relationship buildings. Students interact while sharing snacks and lunch together. They are able to play together daily at recess and in various extra-curricular activities. Together they are developing important social skills.

Beyond the relationships fostered within grade levels, students at ASA learn to work closely with teachers and have plenty of opportunities to build relationships with students from other grades.

Serving - At ASA our mission is to serve, and partner with our families, parishes and communities, as we Form Saints to Serve All. Outreach to our local and global communities can be seen in countless school projects from, helping our parishes pack food baskets to providing service at Grand Rapids community events like the Bridge Run. Our students also reach out beyond their local civic community and have tackled projects such as recycling old groceries bags into floor mats for countries impacted by natural disasters like Haiti. Students also complete individual service hours with the support of their families each year.

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