Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Take Time For Self-Care

Example and tips shared by Mrs. Stoner

It is important that we are mindful of attending to our own self care routines. Self-care is the intentional behaviors and actions a person does to protect and improve one’s own well-being.  Having a strong self-care foundation is always helpful but it is essential during periods of stress. 

When we make a commitment to self-care by integrating it into our daily lives we are creating the habits necessary to sustain our overall health and well being. The “roots” of our daily self-care habits create the strength and resilience to persevere through the stressors that we may face.

We need to tend to ourselves daily to enhance our social, mental, spiritual, and physical well being. What does your self-care routine look like? Are you taking time daily for you? You deserve and need to care for yourself so that it allows us to better care for others in our lives. 

Family Self-Care Challenges

Elementary- Self-Care Bingo Click Here 
Middle School- 50 Self-Care Tips Click Here

Making a Self-Care Jar
A self-care jar is a container that is filled with self-care ideas. When you begin to feel overwhelmed and you need a boost you can choose an idea from your jar! You can fill your jar with ideas that you write on paper, rocks or popsicle sticks. 
Making a self-care jar is a great visual reminder that we need to prioritize our self-care! 
Have fun! 

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