Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Family Table Talk Tuesday

Our K-3 elementary campus engages in Table Talk Tuesday once a month in the lunchroom. Table Talk Tuesday is when students have the opportunity to sit with students from different grades during lunch. This activity helps build relationships across grade levels and practices positive social skills. To maintain the development of these social skills, we are now encouraging Family Table Talk Tuesday at home.

April’s theme is Laughter. Laughter is great for your health! On average, human beings laugh about 17 times a day.  Laughter releases serotonin, which helps us reduce physical symptoms of stress and leads to us physically feeling more relaxed. Laughing has also shown to help improve our immune system.

This week, families are provided with jokes on a Roll and Respond sheet. As families eat lunch together, this activity provides an opportunity to practice conversation skills, active listening skills, relationship building and connecting with laughter, all vital for healthy well being. If you would like the Table Talk Tuesday activity click here.

What are some things that made you laugh today? 

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