Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Newest Saints Entering the Middle School

3rd Grade Visits the Middle School

One of the best traditions at All Saints Academy takes place at the end of the year.  Did graduation pop in your mind? If it did, you are on the right track! But instead of talking about our 8th graders graduating from ASA we are talking about our 3rd graders “graduating” from the Elementary Campus. 

Each spring the 3rd grade spends an entire day at the Middle School Campus meeting new people, catching up with old friends, checking out the lay of land, and calming any nerves they might have as they head to a new campus in the fall.

The first experience they have is Mass at St. Jude Church. While it’s not the first time they’ve been in that particular space before it is the first time they celebrated Mass with just the Middle School students.  It was a little different but they enjoyed the praise band, something that isn’t present at the Elementary Campus. 

Part of their day is a tour with Miss Giroux.  Here they are able to ask questions about what it is like to be an ASA middle schooler.  “When do you go out for recess?”  “When can we be in band?”  “Is there a lot of homework?” 

Another great aspect of the day is being able to ask questions to the current 4th graders.  What’s amazing is that just a year ago, these current 4th graders were asking the same kinds of questions and had some of the same fears and anxiety.  They have grown so much! 

Mr. Debri was able to take the students down to Lake St. Jude.  Many of them didn’t realize the size of the lake and were surprised when it was much bigger than the pond they imagined in their minds. 

Best quote of the day…

“Can we just skip summer and start at the Middle School?”

Patience 3rd grade friends. Patience. 

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