Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Invention Convention

Creativity and Innovation Promote Success

The very first ASA Invention Convention was held on Thursday, May 17 in the Brophy Center. There were approximately 100 inventions on display, all of which were designed, created and built by our Middle School students as part of the Middle School STEM classes.

Students have been working on their inventions since the start of school back in September.
The focus of the Invention Convention was for students to find a way to solve a problem or just another way to do something. This was an exciting and challenging assignment because students could not go and look in a book or online to find an answer, they just had to keep an open mind (and eyes) throughout their daily life and find a way to solve the problem and build the invention.
Students were to stay at their invention throughout the night and promote it to the guests, as well as answer any questions.

There was a great turn out of support from the parents and other guests to see all the students hard work, determination and final invention.

A sample of the 100 inventions that were on display was an easier way to get peanut butter out of a jar, a trailer built to haul around a lawn mower, a quicker way to dry out water bottles, an easy way to get grease off of bacon, and a way to feed a cat from an outdoor deck.
Debriefing took place with the students after the Invention Convention to gather their thoughts and here are some that were shared:

Aiden McGavin, “I liked the critical thinking of how we needed to solve a problem, and how to do it”.

Cassie Sisk, “One thing I liked about the Invention Convention was that it was a great learning experience about entrepreneurship”.

Gavin McKinney, “People liked my invention and felt like buying it”.

Caitlin Mitchell, “I liked how creative the inventions were”.

Dave Frey, “I loved how everyone just walked around and stopped and took a look at our inventions”.

Grace Ellis, “I liked how we got compliments”.

Stephanie Ball, “ There were a lot of good inventions and the parents really enjoyed walking around and seeing the inventions”.

Andrew Bajdek, “I really like that everyone had to dig deep and think hard to come up with an invention”.

Mr. Fillman is planning on an Invention Convention next year, but with a different twist. Stay tuned for details in the Fall.

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