Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Graduation 2018 Core Values Speeches

Faith. Learning. Loving. Serving

June 4, 2018

FAITH at All Saints Academy - Aiden McGavin 

Faith at All Saints Academy; arguably the most important core value. The one that connects all of the other of our core values.  Faith also is something at ASA we practice directly, and confidently with passion and pride every single day. Every day at All Saints Academy, since 2008, when ASA opened its doors, faith has been the center of each day. Even before ASA was a thought, the four schools were founded on the principal of faith, and to spread it on to further generations. Since the four schools combined, the faith we have, has grown stronger than ever. Together, as one, we have, and will continue to grow our faith together.

Of course, to practice, and profess our faith, we have to get it from somewhere, right? And that faith could have come from anywhere. But our faith, or at least some aspect of it comes from school. Whether it be from the people we interact with throughout the day, religion class, or any other of our many activities, faith plays a significant role; it may be obvious and it may subtle, but it will always come to play a role in our daily lives. But what exactly do I mean when I say “faith”? Trust in God. That’s what I’m talking about here. And before I continue, I should say that faith is a complete and utter trust in someone or something. We are taught that at ASA. We’re taught that everyday with examples from fellow students and from teachers. But faith might mean that we have to trust God, or have faith in God to try our best, trust a friend, have courage to do something, whatever it is, we have faith in God, with it. And at ASA, faith is profoundly promoted, and the center of our lives, now and forever, thanks to ASA. 

LEARNING At All Saints Academy - Owen Leese 

I think we can all agree that learning isn’t always the most glamorous thing, but we can also agree that teachers at this school sure do help to make it less agonizing. They make it fun. They make it easier. They make learning an experience to remember. I have a story on how Mr. Fillman, one of our wonderful teachers, made learning fun that I would like to share with you all tonight. Mr. Fillman was not expecting us for class this particular day, because we were supposed to have M.A.P.S testing during his class. At this point in the year we were learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion. So, we came up with a VERY educational game called Newton’s Laws of Motion Game. I am not going to lie…  It was basically kickball, but Mr. Fillman definitely made it a learning experience to remember. He made a rule that after every play, we would have to name the laws of motion in that were involved in the play. In one forty minute class, Mr. Fillman made learning not only fun, but also an experience that I know I will remember for some time to come. 

At any other school you will learn what two plus two is. We can all agree that the answer to that math problem is four, but at All Saints Academy I have learned much more than any other school teaches you. I have learned how to love. I have learned how to care. Hopefully everyone in this church tonight can all agree that these are all very important values to have in life. In these past ten years at All Saints Academy I have learned what I believe are the most necessary values to succeed in life.  

As many of you may know I play basketball and I love basketball very much. This year almost all of the boys in the 8th grade joined to play together for our last year to all play together. For about half of the boys that joined this was their first or second year. I thought to myself this is not what I imagined for my last season. I did not have the highest hopes for our team, but i quickly learned that this season wasn’t about winning it was about everyone coming together to bond and to know each other better outside of school. When Caleb scored 6 points in one of our games he came to school the next day telling everyone he was going to get ten points the next game. He told everyone to come to the game so they could see him score 10 points. When Tommy scored for the first time ever,  he got fouled when he was shooting so he got to shoot two free throws. He made the first one and his face lit up with joy. He was so happy he forgot he had to shoot a second free throw. He got back to the free throw line and made the second as well. By far the best moment of the season. The coaches of that basketball team (Mr Debri, Mr. Matlak, and Mr Fillman) taught me that playing sports isn’t about winning it is about the experience that comes with it with your teammates. That is a season I will remember forever. Thank you.

LOVING at All Saints Academy - Emily Morrin

One of our Core Values here at ASA is Love. Here are just a few of the many ways I have seen ASA  teach students how to build from this very important Core Value: showing someone kindness to hanging out with someone new. We all show our loving side at one point or another. In my ten years at ASA I have seen how my classmates and I have grown in our relationships. We all have a mutual understanding of each other. I still find it hard to believe that I will no longer be seeing them almost everyday. I will miss the strong bonds that we all have and our trust for one another. I will remember that if it weren't for the school that push me towards loving I may have never gotten those close bonds I cherish so much.

SERVING at All Saints Academy - Jonathan Jensen

Here at ASA, we the students have many different opportunities to volunteer, and to serve. Every year the various Fish Fries draw tens if not hundreds of Volunteers and almost every student at ASA has altar served at least once. Every year, we have our required amount of service hours that pushes and challenges us, not only to meet the requirement, but to go beyond.

I love all of the various ways that ASA challenges us to continue Volunteering, even if we don’t have. The service corp projects, that each Eighth grader did, is an amazing example of this. We were required to go out, into the community, and volunteer for six hours. Some people went above and beyond, volunteering not just on that day, but on the days after.

ASA pushes us to our best in all aspects of life, but especially in service to others. Thank you.

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