Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Behind the Scenes at the Web-a-Thon


On Saturday March 13th, the ASA Upper Campus at 4 Mile Holy Family Learning Lab was transformed into a Television Studio. With the help of Peter Johnson and his team, lights, cameras, and soundboards were brought in and set up in preparation for us to "go live" from ASA. Marks were taped and our hosts were introduced to stage microphones while we reviewed directions, scripts and details for the evening. 

In the weeks leading up to March 13th, ASA community members and friends submitted various videos for our "variety show" and a script was written to tell the story of ASA in the year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the lens of our 4 Core Values:  Faith, Learning, Loving and Serving, we received encouraging messages, talent videos and class performances. The Web-a-Thon committee was introduced to the process for building a TV timeline so that these videos could be edited and lined up for the broadcast. 

At the same time a second portion of the Web-a-Thon committee was hard at work designing watch party "swag" gift boxes, collecting sponsors for the event, building website pages, and designing the Greater Giving platform for the event.  "Thank you!" to the committee members: Eileen DeWildt, Ashley Wilson, Susan Zarzecki, Patrick Ellis, Philip Mitri, Tim Stafford and Tom Vos. We could not have done this without them! This group meets just about every Monday, from September through March, brainstorming and planning for this event. 

On the night of the Web-a-Thon there was a lot going on behind the scenes! We had Miss Arbaugh and Mrs. Mitchell hosting a "watch party" for the representatives from 8th grade that participated in our live Minute To Win It segment! We also had Mrs. Zarzecki answering phones and providing the Greater Giving team (and hosts) live updates throughout the night! 

Thank you to everyone who donated and watched our web-a-thon live on Saturday! We raised $67,250 throughout the weekend! You can watch (or rewatch) the entirety of the web-a-thon on Youtube

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