Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Reading With Ms. Burch

I enjoy working with the kids and helping them improve their skills”- Janice Burch 

Every Friday since October, the sixth graders have had the privilege of reading and discussing literature with Ms. Burch.  Janice Burch is a retired medical transcriptionist, long time reading coach, and literature lover.  She volunteers her time to read and discuss books and articles with small groups or one-on-one.  Her laid back nature and honest enthusiasm about reading lends a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere to her discussion groups.  

She also brings a unique and interesting perspective to our middle schoolers as a blind person. Kids learn to come in and introduce themselves, ignore her Leader Dog, Paisley, and speak clearly with good diction.  Janice takes scrupulous Braille notes about the novels we read and holds to kids to a high standard during the discussions, letting me know who may not have completed or didn’t understand the week’s assignment.  Ms. Burch is an asset to my reading program, allowing for more individualized book choices and more discussion than I would be able to accomplish without her.  - Mrs. Patterson 

Thank you notes written by students to Mrs Burch in braille 

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