Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Exploring and Learning in God's Creation

Kindergarten Outdoor Visit Day to the Middle School

On Friday, May 24, the Kindergartners visited the Middle School Campus to explore and learn in God’s beautiful creation! Students spent the day doing a variety of activities connected to many subject areas including, a creation walk, sidewalk chalk number lines, problem solving with the 7th grade and outdoor discovery in God’s playground (the woods). 

They also joined the St. Jude parishioners for Mass in the Chapel and got a chance to visit with Fr. Tom in his office! It was a great day for all!  

Here are some of the day’s highlights from a Kindergarten perspective:

 “I liked the Creation Walk because God’s creation is important and it’s all around us." - Tommy 

I liked playing in God’s playground because it was fun climbing up the steep hills.” - Ellie 

It was fun to play in the woods and swing on the branches.” - Leah

I liked outdoor day because there were a lot of things to do.” - Teagan

I liked working with the seventh graders because I like solving problems.” - Aless

I found a frog and fungus! I like finding cool things that God made.” - Hayden

I liked everything about the day.  It was super fun!” - Mady

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