Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What a Day for a Race!

Eat Pray Run 2019 

Over 200 people from the All Saints Academy community came to the Elementary Campus for our 8th annual 5K race and fun run with nearly 150 of them participants in the race.  

We raised $10,472 in tuition assistance through pledges and registration fees. Great work students!  

The day began with a “Pack the Pews” Mass at St. Jude Parish with Fr. Tom Page presiding. It was fun to see all the ASA students in parents at Mass in their race gear. One student commented, “We need to call this Pray Run Eat!”  While this may be chronologically appropriate, we’ll be sticking with the original title for next year.  

As we moved from St. Jude to the Elementary Campus, the ASA band got set up and began the race festivities with the National Anthem. Soon after, Mr. Matlak called runners to their places and we were off! 

Brandon James three peated as the men’s division champ while Summer Malinzak repeated in the women’s division. 

Abby Druelle (7th grade) was third overall and took home the crown for the middle school girls. Tommy Stanton (4th grade) was first for the middle school boys. 

Trenton Gibbons (2nd) and Leah Kolanowski (3rd) won the boys and girls elementary divisions respectively. 

Here are the top finishers and their times from 2019 Eat Pray Run:

Name - Time
Brandon James 19:12:00
Aiden McGavin 20:06:00
Abby Druelle 20:35:00
Dave Mitchell - 20:44:00
Trenton Gibbons 21:31:00
Isaac Franceschi 21:49:00
Summer Malinzak 22:54:00
Andrew Mitchell 23:04:00
Tommy Stanton 24:13:00
Leo Zarzecki 24:20:00
Owen Ellis 25:00:00
William Stafford 25:12:00
Wes Lehmkuhl 25:22:00
Ben Zarzecki 25:24:00
Jeremy Reed 25:34:00
Mason Reed 25:34:00
Mallory Lehmkuhl 25:39:00
Leah Kolanowski 25:42:00
Mary Pereira 26:48:00
Ann Kolanowski 27:04:00
Jane Reeves 27:28:00
Jennifer Carlino 28:02:00
Leah Hekman 28:08:00
Maddie Pastoor 28:31:00
Stephanie Wojciakowski 28:32:00
Cassandra Sisk 28:37:00
Mei Moore 28:45:00
Grant Truszkowski 30:42:00
Alex Ellis 30:44:00
Max Weir 30:56:00
Grayson Weir 30:56:00
Jackson Weir 30:56:00
Jean Forton 30:57:00
Stacey Wesorick 31:31:00
Lena Reeves 31:50:00
Lynne McMahon 32:00:00
John McMahon 32:06:00
Austin Phillips 32:27:00
Maddie Vos 34:00:00
Carter Postma 35:52:00
Ariadne Smith 36:45:00
Ben Anderson 38:33:00
Jeremy Anderson 38:35:00
Carissa Sisk 44:02:00
Nathan Wojciakowski 45:24:00

Eating Together! #WeAreOne

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