Thursday, May 10, 2018

6th Grade Trip to Urban Roots

Urban Farm Work Day 

The All Saints Academy 6th graders recently went on a field trip to Urban Roots farm where they were able to put all four of our core values to action: faith, learning, loving, and serving.  They experienced faith and serving through caring for God’s creation in the service work they did on the farm.  They helped clean garden beds to prepare them to be planted, they cleaned up garbage that had collected from the winter, and they helped spread wood chips.  They learned about how the community garden works, and they also learned about the planting season we have in West Michigan, which fruits and vegetables can be planted when.  They loved their time at Urban Roots, and they very much loved and enjoyed the family style lunch they shared: macaroni and cheese with a carrot based cheese sauce, with a side of greens.  The 6th graders reflected on their experience and shared their thoughts below.

Urban Roots was a good experience for ASA, because all of us kids can find out what it’s like in different environments. It also was good for us to work outside and to help others with the planting and growing this year. Here are some quotes from the ASA 6th grade students who were at Urban Roots:

"My experience was fun and seeing what happens on a farm is amazing I think my favorite part was the mac and cheese that we ate. It had a farm fresh twist that was amazing. They also have a volunteer program. And I might just do that."
- Ana Batchelder

"My experience was awesome because we got see all sorts of different plants and seeds.  We had a lot of fun spreading wood chips around and picked weeds in the garden. These were only some of my favorite things we did."
-Caleb Levanduski

"I think our experience was good for our class. We got a taste of the farm life, and it tasted sweet."
-Stephanie Wojciakowski

"It was amazing! First we got a tour of the farm, and it was very interesting. The farm and the house were very homey and the workers were very welcoming. The lunch was spot on; Mac and Cheese!; )"
 -Dave Frey

All of the students who went recommend you go and volunteer there to help out.

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