Sunday, March 25, 2018

Looking to The Easter Vigil 2018

We Are One Body in Christ

And we continue to grow!

One of the many beautiful elements of The Easter Vigil is welcoming new members into the Catholic community of faith!

Please consider joining the All Saints Academy extended family for the Easter Vigil on Saturday March 31, 2018 at 8:30 pm at either Blessed Sacrament or St. Jude this year as we have three ASA families join the Church! Charlie (4th Grade) and his family, as well as Chris and Justine Bohan (Parker in Kindergarten and Lennon in Toddler Care) will be celebrating the sacraments of initiation at Blessed Sacrament, while Kalem (7th Grade) and his family will be celebrating the sacraments of initiation at St Jude.

“We are so grateful for the love and support shown to Charlie and our entire family since we have joined the All Saints Academy and Blessed Sacrament Community!!

We truly feel that we have been led to this through that support and the kindness and love demonstrated to us and are incredibly excited to be “making it official” this coming Easter weekend!” - Sam

“I am looking forward to my baptism” - Kalem
“I am excited for confirmation.” - Mandi
“I wanted to say how thankful my family is for all of the love, support and prayers given to us from the church and school.  It has been a more then welcoming environment and showed us all how great people can be through and with God’s love.  Thank you to all that have been there for us and helped us on our journey, you know who you are.” - Ryan

Please offer these families, and all catechumens and candidates for entry into The Church, up in prayer these last few days of lent!

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