Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Power of Reading

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The Power of Reading &
The Library World Tool at ASA

At All Saints Academy we prioritize reading! Reading is an integral part of our day-to-day routines. We are working to increase access to good literature for all our students, and we have also invested in creating contemporary, welcoming, and functional Learning Labs at both campuses.

Reading helps develop the mind, imagination, and creativity. It is a foundational  component of learning new things and developing a good self image. Good reading skills improve spelling, grammar, and writing skills. It is fundamental to functioning in society and important in looking for employment. Reading connects us to and informs us about our Catholic faith. In the bible, Jesus is referred to as the Word of God.

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At ASA  we are also very aware of the importance of helping our students select books appropriate for their reading ability, age, and maturity. Common Sense Media is a site that provides us independent reviews, age ratings, and other information about the books we select for our library. When our students suggest titles to add to our inventory, it is a go-to site for us to check out the content of the books before purchasing. Anyone can use it!

.At the elementary campus, books are sorted by age level. At the middle school, because our readers are required to read across the genres in their literature classes,  books are sorted by genre and series. Currently, we are beginning work to create a young readers section to highlight books for our fourth and fifth grade readers. Among a number of other reading strategies to assist some of our struggling readers, teachers have begun to use audio books for students to listen as they read, as well.

We want to encourage you, the primary educators of your child, to continue to partner with us by becoming more and more actively involved in your child’s reading, as well.
  • Read with your children  
  • Model good reading habits at home
  • Talk with your older children about what they are reading both at school and at home.
  • Talk to them about what they are learning and the new ideas they are exploring through their reading.
  • For older students, consider reading alongside them as they begin to select books that explore life more deeply.


Did you know we have a new library system and you can access our card catalog via the Library World website OR Mobile App?

Our library names are ALL SAINTS ACADEMY ELEMENTARY and ALL SAINTS ACADEMY MIDDLE SCHOOL.  There is no password. The libraries are joined so both parents and students can look up books in either library. We are not using the Holds or Request features at this time, but we may add that later. For now,  you can see what books we have available in the learning labs at both our campuses.

  1. Mobile device app in the App Store for iPhone/iPad, or the Play Store for Android - search for LibraryWorld.

The web site is bookmarked for both teachers and students in the ASA Bookmarks folder so your son or daughter has access to this information also.

Whether you use the website or the app, the user can search for books by any field (author, title, keywords, target audience, reading level, etc.). The results can be sorted, selected books can be added to the clipboard, and the clipboard can either be viewed or printed.

With the Library World system students receive late notice messages to their ASA email when they have a book past due. Did you know that they also get a transaction list email indicating what books they have checked out and when they are due? Asking your student to either share their library login or these weekly emails would be a great way to spark conversation about what your students is choosing to read at school.

Our mission is to serve and partner with our families, parishes, and communities as we focus on the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, and physical development of our children as we  work to Form Saints to Serve All. We are always looking for volunteers to support us in this great work. If you would like to spend time volunteering in either of our Learning Labs, please contact either of our school offices.

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