Wednesday, November 15, 2017

School Rosary

ms rosary.jpg
Rosary wall at the middle school campus 
All Saints Academy Prays The Rosary
Sr. Rosita Schiller , RSM
I attended a recitation of the Rosary at ASA Middle School last week. It was different than I expected. I came with a mind-set. I took along an extra rosary in case one of the children might need one. I later saw that this was surely not needed. The previous evening, I participated in the Diocese “Bridging Faith and Future” Board Summit. This was a meeting of school Boards of Directors from around the diocese. Bishop David Walkowiak spoke about the need for Catholic schools in our society. He said that one essential role for Catholic schools is to teach children how to pray and he mentioned the rosary as an example. I was eager to participate.
The children filed into the Gym a few minutes before 8:00, chatting quietly with each other. As the 8th grade came in, several scooted through the gym down the opposite hallway. I wondered what was going on. A few minutes later, they returned with a huge rosary that they spread on the floor in a large circle. Younger children scrambled to stand around the rosary, eager to hold a bead. When all the beads were taken, older students were welcomed to be a prayer buddy. They stood with a younger child at their bead. Others sat on the floor in the middle of the circled rosary.
es rosary.jpg
Elementary students praying the rosary
With the count of 5-4-3…all were silent. “Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,” said Miss Giroux. “Who remembers what has been our theme for the week?” Several hands went up. “Vocation Awareness,” answered one of the younger students. All were invited to think of a priest or sister they knew and to offer the rosary for them. The group was then directed to call to mind other intentions for which they wanted to pray. Everyone was encouraged to share their intentions with one other person near them. Miss Giroux noted that, since this was a Friday, we would recite the Sorrowful Mysteries. She reminded us that because Jesus suffered so much, we could trust that He would share any pain, suffering, or anxiety. He would always be with in hard times.
The rosary began. A set of 8th graders lined up at the microphone. One began by leading the Apostles Creed. Then one by one, the child holding a bead lead their designated prayer: The Our Father, the three Hail Marys, and Glory Be to the Father prayers. The next 8th grader in line at the mic announced the First Sorrowful Mystery. He gave a brief meditation focused on the Agony in the Garden. As before, the child cradling the next bead lead the appropriate prayer – Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father – all others answered. The decades were punctuated with the Fatima Prayer: Oh, my Jesus, forgive us our sins…. You could feel the reverence, the recollection. At the end, all present recited the Hail Holy Queen.
When recitation of the rosary was finished, the “carriers” stepped forward to return the rosary to the wall where it hangs. This rosary is a prayerful reminder for those who pass by in the hallway. The next time you see EL Rosary or MS Rosary on the calendar, why not attend? You too will be inspired.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 2.27.36 PM.png
Mary Grotto and the elementary campus

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