Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Farm Days with the Fifth Grade

The fifth grade was blessed to enjoy three educational and fun-filled days in Lowell at the Franciscan Life Center a few weeks ago. 

What I enjoyed most was learning about the animals. Cows are easily scared, goats can be really loud, and the chicken’s poop can actually keep their house warm in the winter. Can you believe that?” Chloe shared when thinking back on the experience. 

Isa really enjoyed feeding the animals, too. “Yeah, I didn’t expect to get licked by a cow or get my zipper almost chewed off by a goat either. The animals were amazing!”

But the animals were not the only draw. “My favorite thing to do was the games that Sister played with us that also taught us about the animals we were learning about. One game taught us how animals can survive, or not survive, depending on what it had in its habitat over the winter. It was so much fun,” shared Leah H.

Spending lots of time outside was a big part of this adventure. An hour and a half hike was a high point for some students like Alex. “The hike was crazy fun. We found a hole and I wanted to explore it because I was hoping to find a racoon in it. But I also loved the art projects, too.”

Leah K agreed the outdoor time was the best part of the experience. “One of the things I liked best was the Little Portions where we got to pick a small piece of the land and go and sit there every day. My group sat in the tree there and watched the birds.”

Add sledding, making butter from an antique churn, and hot cocoa and that about sums up the three day adventure. “It was just such a comfortable place to be,” reflected Grant.

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