Thursday, January 21, 2021

4th Grade Virtual Career Museum


The fourth graders engaged in a career awareness project that was presented virtually this year. The fourth grade students explored their interests and hobbies then discovered a variety of careers that connected within their personal interests. They explored Michigan’s six Career Pathways and discovered many careers falling into each category: Arts & Communication, Business Management, Marketing and Technology, Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology, Health Sciences and Human Services. 

The students put their research skills to work to investigate more about, and become an expert about, their identified career to present virtually. Students dressed for their chosen career and were ready with their sharp presentation skills! With our virtual format, students were able to share their presentations to family members and other grade levels. 

The students' creativity shined through with their tri-fold poster presentations they made for their virtual presentation. It also created an avenue to raise career awareness for our 5-8th graders as students enjoyed a gallery walk to view, read and learn about many careers. 

Visit the fourth grade Virtual Career Museum:

Virtual Career Museum

Quotes from some of our fourth grade students:

Edmund: “Researching my career was fun.  It was fun because you learned things that you didn't know.  Presenting was fun!”

Max: “I learned that I like engineering in the end.”

Cooper: “I am so surprised that I had lots of things to work with as an artist.” 

Evelyn: “When I was researching my career it was fun.”

Mary: “I was not surprised I got a teacher.  It was fun to research.  I didn’t know that teachers had that much work.” 

Sam: “We were all excited for presentation day.” 

Special thanks to Mrs. Livingston and Mrs. Stoner who worked hard with students to complete this project and make some updates to allow for appropriate social distancing. 

With the addition of a technology element this we are are excited to be able to share the 4th grade's work with a wider audience! Enjoy: 

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