Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Amazing Race: School Edition!

 Creativity and Innovation @ ASA!

By Nick Schaab

On Wednesday, I, and with the help of Mr. Kress and Mrs. Gibson did a Amazing Race for my class, the 7th graders. I have been planning this since December started. I first got the idea because I made 2 Amazing Races for my family to do and because my family and I are obsessed with the Amazing Race. We have watched 7 seasons in the span of about 2 months! So I started to plan one for my class to do with the help of my mom. 

To start off, I made a riddle to find where their next clue was. Once they found that they would go to a roadblock which is a challenge that only 1 person can do. The challenge was to successfully wrap 2 presents. (that was my mom's idea) It was pretty funny to watch. The third challenge they had to do was a choice between a parkour course on the playground and playing around the world in basketball. After they finished that they were to head to the pit-stop/finnish line. Dean and Roman won the race, but everyone got their favorite candy. It was really fun. I would like to thank Mr. Kress, Mrs. Gibson, and my mom for helping me.

I thought it was really fun. I liked how are class had to work together and strategies to win the race. Everyone had a good time, even if they didn't win. I think it was a great way to end off the break school right before break. -Dean Armock

I liked it alot especially when we had to find the clues for everything and I am happy that Nick got us candy at the end. I am grateful when Nick took his own time to do something for us. -Austin Phillips

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