Wednesday, November 4, 2020

"Everyday" Math Projects

A Math Store Story

By Abby Stanton and Elizabeth Stafford

The past few weeks the All Saints 6th grade class has been working on a shop project to work on our skills with decimal operations. We picked a store and picked 5-7 items for our store. Then we created google drawings with our pictures or printed off pictures and pasted them on a poster. We also filled out a google sheets document with expenses, expected income, actual income, expected income two, and actual income two. 

On October 13 we did our first shopping day. We went around the classroom with $100 to buy from our fellow classmates. We learned how to write checks to represent what items we decided to buy from our classmates. The shopping day was really fun to do. You got to search up what you wanted to make your store. On shopping day you got to shop at each other's stores and it was really fun going to each other's stores. Having a shopping day is fun to have. It teaches responsibilities about the real world. You can be a good store owner and have a good time.  

We changed some of our products and prices and on October 20th we did our second shopping day. The second day was much more successful for everyone. To finish off the project we did a reflection. 

Here are some student reflections:

  • My favorite part was seeing what people decided to buy and what people decided to sell. It was fun going around and looking at all the things that people were interested in. - Ariadne Smith

  • I can use this in the future if i work at a store. I can use it at every job, and even when I'm older. I can always use math for everything or every job. - Carissa Sisk

  • My favorite part of this project was making the layout, because you got to design it yourself and you could be creative. My second favorite thing was being able to have a feel on what it's like to own a business, because we might end up having one when we’re older. - Leila Spicer

  • I could use these skills to start a business. I also could use it to learn about money in college, or when I am shopping. - Sam Moll

  • My favorite parts were boosting up my friends' shops because it made them happy and putting my shop together. - Shannon Hormuth

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