Wednesday, October 21, 2020

ASA Can Drive Results


Remember, way back in May 2020 when ASA Home and School held a Can Drive at the Middle School? 

Well, with the help of many volunteers and our great ASA community, our success was overwhelming. With your contributions and the hours of hard work by our volunteers who transferred the bags of cans and bottles (from the lawn, to the sheds, to the gym, to a semi trailer to ANOTHER semi trailer), sorted the various materials, and coordinated the event, All Saints Academy earned $11,700!!! 

Thank you to everyone who cleared their garages of cans and bottles! Thank you to the volunteers who gave their time to sorting and transferring! Thank you to the event coordinators who made sure we had volunteers, a trailer to store and transfer the cans and bottles, and arranged for an efficient return procedure. Stay tuned for details on the great things this fundraiser will afford All Saints Academy.

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