Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Our Day on The Slopes

Hard, But Fun! 

"On our ski trip, we went to Cannonsburg.  When we arrived we had to pick up our gear with our lift tickets.  When we got everything on we all went outside.  The people that knew how to ski went on the Black Diamond.  The people that did not know how to ski went to take a lesson.  When we were done with the lesson we got to ski on our own.  Then we ate lunch.  Some people went back out and some did not." - Jack P

"The ski trip was fun but it was hard.  When you fall it is so hard to get back up because the skis are so long.  it was a great time when you skied down the hill. It was fun to ski and some adults skied too.  It was fun for everyone." - Abby S

"Time flew by and before I knew it we were eating lunch and returning gear." - Elizabeth

"The lodge was warm and they had very, very yummy hot cocoa!" - Carissa

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