Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Celebrating Elementary Bucket Fillers at Mass

Bucket Fillers at Weekly Mass! 

If you have attended an elementary Mass at Blessed Sacrament in the last two week, you might have noticed something new at the end of our celebration...honoring exceptional “Bucket Fillers!”

These following four students were brought up to the altar so that their stories could be shared with the entire school community. 

Amelia B. (1st Grade)
When Mrs. LaPonsie came to pick up Kyle to have his tooth pulled at the dentist, Amelia stopped in line and turned to give Kyle a hug and wish him good luck. This kind bucket filling action inspired the rest of Kyle's friends to also give him hugs and well wishes. It really made Kyle feel special and confident heading into his appointment. Amelia and all the first grade friends filled Mrs. LaPonsie’s bucket too in their kindness. 

Harry D. (Kindergarten) 
Harry heard Lucas ask his teacher to help tie his shoe.  Harry jumped right in and said, "I can help you".  He worked and worked on the shoelace which happened to have quite a few knots in it, but couldn't get it tied.  Mrs. Bowman ended up having to tie the shoe but Harry really stepped up and did his best to help!

Fletcher M. (2nd Grade)
Mazie fell in the hallway on the way to recess. Fletcher got out of line came back and asked if she was ok. He stayed until she got up and was able to go outside. 

Mason R. (1st Grade)
A student arrived back in the classroom after we greeted each other at morning meeting, Mason reached his hand very politely toward the student upon his return and made sure he was greeted saying,  "Good Morning Elijah".  Elijah of course returned the greeting!

Please join us for Mass when you can. We celebrate every Wednesday at 10:30 in Blessed Sacrament Church. 

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