Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Crafty Campers & Care for God's Creation

Creativity in Week 2 of 2018 Summer “Camps”  

The second week of summer camps at ASA this July was a little different than the first. 

At the middle school campus we had a group of six 7th & 8th grade girls gather with Mrs. Zimelis Monday through Thursday (July 16-19) to bake yummy sweet treats and work on “Pinterest Crafts. Below are a collection of their fabulous creations! 

During the same week at the elementary campus Miss Giroux worked with the Saints Club and Eagle’s Club crew on Creation Crafts at 10 o’clock each day. Our Saints and Eagles learned how to tell how old a tree is by decorating “tree cookies.” They learned about solar energy by creating solar art and planting seeds for our garden. Monday the group went on a nature scavenger hunt and on Wednesday the class participated in a recycling art project by coloring old plastic water bottles and then constructing a Chihuly-inspired sculpture for the Eagle’s Club Room! 

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