Wednesday, July 4, 2018

ASA School Counseling

Relationship Building and Life Skills for All

ASA School Counseling

It is exciting to watch all of the students continue to grow in their social emotional and academic development, ability to problem solve and grow their personal toolbox of coping strategies to be resilient and confident.

The school counseling program at All Saints Academy is for all students and is delivered through individual, small group and classroom lessons.

Individual Counseling

ASA provides individual counseling services at the request of parent/guardian, student  or teacher/staff referral. When a structured series of individual counseling services are requested, parent permission is required. Some of the Individual counseling topics include but are not limited to: Stress, fears/worries, friendship skills, conflict resolution, self-esteem, healthy ways to deal with anger, social skills, grief/loss, changing family and study skills. 

Lunch Bunch provides an opportunity to connect with students and continue to build and strengthen peer relationships. It allows small groups of students to eat together, interact and complete an activity. During this time, good manners, social skills, listening skills, and fun are practiced. The students are excited about this opportunity and it is one of the many highlights of my day! 

Small Group Counseling 

Small group counseling is an opportunity for all students that may be requested by teachers, parents  and or interested students. Groups last about 6 weeks and allow for students to work and receive support in a certain area of interest or need. Parent permission is required prior to the group starting. Permission slips state the purpose and goals expected to achieve during the specific group. Some of the small groups during the 2017-2018 school year included: Friendship Groups, Bounce Back, GIRLS (Girls in Real Life Situations) Group, Breaking the Boy Code (Boys Group)

School Counseling Classroom Lessons

Classroom lessons are for all students and are designed to be preventive and proactive. Our Second Step Program is an evidence-based social-emotional learning curriculum that we currently use with our elementary students through classroom delivery. Second Step states, “When students are better equipped to manage their own emotions and build positive relationships, they’re better equipped to learn.”

Some of the topics of classroom lessons include but are not limited to: Growth mindset, problem solving, skills for learning, bucket filling, coping skills, empathy, listening skills, fair ways to play, emotion management, being assertive, positive self talk, career awareness.

Bucket Filling

Students at All Saints Academy learn the bucket filling language early on! It is based upon Carol McCloud’s book, Have You Filled A Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness For Kids.  A bucket filler is one who shares daily kindness through actions and words. The language taught in the classroom lessons is reinforced throughout the school year. In K-3, some students are recognized every other week for being outstanding bucket fillers and receive a bucket filling certificate. Our middle school students had the opportunity this year to pass on bucket filling positive messages with an interactive wall display to classmates, teachers or themselves.

Check out this great video that Mrs. Stoner made reviewing all the great life skills project our students participated in during the 2017-2018 school year: 

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