Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Classroom Learning Labs

We Can All Grow 

You may have noticed some visitors at the Elementary Campus on Friday March 9. About 20 teachers from throughout the diocese were here to participate in a classroom learning lab with our host teachers Mrs. Wendy Bowman and Mrs. Jane Reeves. After joining Blessed Sacrament Church for morning Mass half the teachers had the opportunity to observe a lesson taught by either Mrs. Bowman or Mrs. Reeves. Our visiting teachers then gathered together with their host teacher and were then asked to reflect on the lesson. 

Monday March 12 All Saints Academy k-8th grade teachers were out visiting other schools around the diocese to learn from and collaborate with other Catholic school teachers. Throughout the day teachers had the opportunity to visit a classroom or watch a recording of a lesson. After the observation teachers gathered together to discuss things they noticed during the lesson and things they wondered about. Through this collaborative discussion teachers took away some short and long term goals of ideas they could implement into their own classroom. 

Upon returning to school on Tuesday, teachers were very excited to have had such a positive experience throughout the diocese. There is a lot of anticipation and excitement about the next opportunity to visit and collaborate with other teachers from our local catholic schools. 

Teachers shared that it’s nice to break routine occasionally to have a chance to learn together with colleagues. For example ASA teachers reflected that: 
“It was great to get little, procedural, management ideas.”
“It was helpful to see how other teachers prep classes for group work.” 

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