Wednesday, April 12, 2017


March is Reading Month - Having a Ball With Reading @ ASA


We've been having a ball with reading at the elementary for March is Reading Month! We've read in our pajamas and dressed as our favorite book characters. We've Dropped Everything to Read and are literally covering our walls with balls! Mr. Debri has offered a reward of Debri Ball for all if we come together as a student body and read 1200 books. We are well on our way and boy are we motivated!  This week we're enjoying a special snack while using technology to watch an online story.  Next week we will Read Around the School, visiting various classrooms and hearing many special stories. We love good books here at All Saints Academy!


Get Ready to Have a BALL                           
                with Reading Activities
                              during March is Reading Month


Kick Off:
   Have a ball with our March Madness Book Bracket Sweet Sixteen
   All students will have the opportunity to take part in this book bracket by filling out a bracket based on their favorite book choice of the given titles.  The winning books will be selected based off of student votes.

Week One:
    Have a ball wearing your pj’s during the Middle School Read In
    on Tuesday, March 7. Students get comfy, grab a snack, and become
    immersed in a favorite book. One pillow or stuffed animal per student

Week Two:
     Have a ball dressing up as a character from one of your favorite books or     
    stories on Tuesday, March 14

Week Three::
     Have a ball experiencing drama as the Middle School Drama Elective performs
     What Happened After Once Upon a Time which is a comedy told from the
     views of four substitute storytellers. Our favorite fairy tale characters show
     up to interrupt and correct our newbie narrators telling of each story.
     Cinderella a clean freak? Little Red a lawyer defending the Wolf? Come watch
     the chaos!   

Week Four:
    Have a ball attending the Middle School Reading Carnival created and
    organized by our 8th grade leaders! First, our 8th grade will act out excerpts
    from novels read from grades four through eight.             
     When finished, the middle school students will enjoy playing carnival
    games based on premiered books!   


And the middle school book bracket winner was...Green Eggs and Ham!
book brackets.jpg
The kids filled out book brackets much like the NCAA Basketball March Madness Brackets.  Winners were determined by student votes.  The matches were real nail-biters and even required an “overtime” where the outcome was determined by teacher vote!  Middle School students, Owen L, Jonathan J, Noelle H, Leah O, Izzy S, and Bridget F had thirteen out of sixteen correct picks, and Meagan J and Max H had twelve correct picks. Those bookworms enjoyed gummy “book”worms as a reward for their expertise!

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