Thursday, November 10, 2016

ASA Votes
On Tuesday November 8th both our campuses participated in voting. The elementary students showed their lunch id cards to Mr. Debri and cast their ballot for their pick for president. With 80% voter turnout the elementary vote very closely mirrored the country’s election results.

At the middle school students reviewed the election process, explored the electoral college and discussed a number of current events surrounding the election. Their vote, gave them the power to voice their opinion on items within the school they can influence. The middle school students’ popular vote indicated they prefer stuffed crust pizza and popcorn chicken to the other pizza and chicken menu options. They also indicated that they would be interested in a middle school fun day movie night. We are making plans for when and how to celebrate these selections at the middle school.

Middle School Electives

This 6th-8th elective cycle is wrapping up with the end of the first trimester. It’s been a fun and engaging 6 weeks. From logic and strategy puzzles, to the detail work of cake decorating middle school students practiced fine tuning their brains. From egg drop challenges and catapult designing to exploring history through movies middle school students expanded their understanding of how the world around them works. We are planning another round of expert guests and experiences in December, and then will be starting a new 6 week elective rotation in the new year.

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