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St. Alphonsus Education Scholarships 2020

The Sean Earl Scholarship is awarded to 7th grade students attending All Saints Academy who demonstrate strength of character, kindness, and service toward others.  The recipients for the award this year are Isabelle Mitchell, Nick Moll, and Cadan Wodarek.

Cadan Wodarek and Family

Nick Moll and Family

Isabelle Mitchell and Family
The Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters established the Sr. Roberta Hefferan and Sr. Olga Mizzi Scholarships in the names of two members of their community who were deeply engaged in St. Alphonsus Parish.

Sister Olga Mizzi, OP, was devoted to religious service and education and brought joy and knowledge to thousands of students as a teacher in St. Alphonsus School. The winner of the Sr. Olga Mizzi Scholarship is Edmund Marcusse.  Edmund received three nominations: 
Although Edmund is reserved, he volunteers quickly to help out at ASA.  Whether it's to rehang the Rosary, lead the line, pick up papers, help a friend on the playground or begin a prayer, he puts others before himself.  This year, he learned some of the duties of being a server during school Masses.  When there was a need for a replacement at the last minute, he was one of the first to volunteer.  Edmund is a great friend and Bucket Filler.  He helps peers out when they are in need with school work or just picking up crayons.  
During Remote Learning, he remained on top of his work with excellent work ethic.  He quickly and conscientiously completed all objectives each day, emailed his friends, he joined in on all online activities, and still carved out time to ride his dirt bike!  

Edmund is one of the sweetest, kindest boys you would ever meet.  He is always looking out for other kids on the playground that need a friend.  He receives many bucket filler papers for his helpfulness and kindness.  He also volunteers at every fish fry that ASA has.  He has enjoyed being an alter server at ASA masses when called upon.  He loves to be with family and friends and loves the outdoors.  He really enjoys his dirt bike passion and zest for life.  I could go on and on about this kid, but I won’t.  Please select this ASA bucket filler.

Please accept my nomination of Edmund Marcusse for the Sr. Olga Mizzi and Sr. Roberta Hefferan Scholarship.  I believe that he is a perfect candidate for consideration. A quiet leader, his hard work and example of service sets him apart for this award.  From an academic perspective, he is a regular for “Early Birds,” a before school reading program.  While many students come and go, he never misses a session.  This is not easy. As a struggling reader he is asked to go above and beyond to put more work in than others.  And he does so with a smile.  His service to All Saints Academy and his community does not go unnoticed.  He is one of just a few students who spends the Friday before Eaglefest setting up, helping out, and doing whatever is asked of him.  Again, always with a smile.  He is an altar server at school and soon will be able to serve at his home parish of St. Alphonsus.  He also helps his parents at Diamond St. Hall with the many events held there.  They say the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and I am sure that he has learned this spirit of service and hard work from his parents.
Sister Roberta Hefferan, OP, recognized and responded to the needs of others through vibrant social outreach programs including the Food & Clothing Pantry. The winner of the Sr. Roberta Scholarship is Isabelle Mitchell.  A St. Alphonsus parishioner had the following to say:
Isabelle has used her time and talents in many ways during her years at All Saints Academy and as a member of St. Alphonsus.  At the parish, she has been an altar server since 3rd grade.  She has helped Mrs. Frey with the young Faith Formation students.  She has volunteered at the Fish Frys as well as the Christmas Store.  Isabelle  was a reader and cantor at the Pack the Pews Mass at St. Al’s.  She has always attended Vacation Bible School and was looking forward to being an aide this year.  At her school, she participates in the Praise Band as a flute player.  In the community, she has volunteered at Mackenzie’s Animal Shelter.  She has also on more than one occasion participated in a charity dance on Thanksgiving morning which donated food to a local food pantry.  Isabelle used her singing talent to be a member of the Grand Rapids Youth Symphony Choir which required quite a commitment of her time as well.  For these reasons, I feel she would be an excellent candidate for the scholarship award.  Isabelle represents her Church, school and community well.

Thank you, to our 4 founding Parishes for their 

continued support! 

Congratulations to ALL scholarship winners! 

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